Happy Christmas!

Don’t come too close, I have a cold. I caught it from my younger daughter Jen who I have now disowned. Living in a tin box in the mild depths of the British winter doesn’t help. What I would give for a beachside villa and more servants than you can shake a bell chord at. Anyhow, Merry Christmas to the lot of you.


From Jen’s front door

It has all been a bit of a rush. The problem with not being static is that you have to find somewhere to live, you have to get to that place and then you have to set up. Actually none of that is a problem but, and I know I’m beginning to sound like this way of life is dragging a little, when it’s a continuous process and the weather forces you to stay in doors, it can wear. Thankfully we have lots of places to stay and lots of nice people to stay with, so it’s not always complicated. But…

The upside is we do see lots of people. I have spent more time with my Mum and Dad in the last 18 months than probably I did over the previous 18 years. That is obviously an exaggeration, but that’s what it feels like. I think we know how not to outstay our welcome so we seem to get invited back. And, at the end of the day, life is all about friends and family and not possessions.

Okay, dreary bit over with. What about the news? Well we finished with Jen in Bristol, bought a car, drove Doris to Bex and Steven’s in Penkridge and yesterday drove all the way east to Colchester to have Christmas with my Mum and Dad. Hang on, you bought a car? Yes sirree we did. It’s complicated and I won’t bore you with the details of why (not yet anyway), but we are driving to Chatel in France on 6 January for ten days to go skiing. We were never going to take Doris and looked over a number of options to get us there and plumped for £2200 on a 56 plate Ford Focus with 23,000 miles on the clock. It’s fab and hopefully will be our car when we’re in the UK from here on in. Hurrah!


Bex made the Christmas cake!

Finally, we’ve made the decision to stay in the UK for a while. This is mostly because of my folk, plus some other draws. It might mean that I have to find some temporary work, or even a longer term thing. Fuelling the Fire is currently being read in draft form by a couple of friends of mine – initial reaction is good, but us authors have to be honest…realistically I’m not going to make a living from selling books. But my fingers are forever crossed.

That’s all from me. I can hear a couple of paracetamol calling and the sun terrace and masseurs are waiting for me.

Have a great Christmas.

6 thoughts on “Happy Christmas!

  1. Dear Roland and Claire – sorry to here you (Roland) have the lurgy… all the forthcoming brandy cream and mulled wine might help it a bit! We had planned to set off for an indefinite period in February, since I have finished my local schools psychobabble contract and Stephen will have finished in Portsmouth – but cancer has struck 2 members of our family, and we absolutely wish to be around for whatever they may need. Hence we too are in the UK for the winter. Tom is going to various eastern lands for a couple of months and Holly will be back finishing her degree – so things will be odd, and good, with the cottage to ourselves for a bit. We may be forced to decorate :-0
    Whilst it is currently impossible to park on the grass, there is a good amount of room out back if you are in need of a place to rest in Hampshire for a bit, or several bits. It would be grand to see you.
    Wishing you magic moments in the coming days,
    love and hugs to you both – Hilary and Stephen xx

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