Where are my thermals?

Morning. I know that out of all of the blogs you read, this one complains about the weather the most. It’s true. Well I’ve no intention of complaining about the weather as, as I’ve said a number of times recently, we’ve had a lovely spell in the south of France. What I’d do want to say is that C and I have been in long trousers for the first time for sixteen months. We have not been cold before. Yes, we’ve had cold days and have walked in the snow in Greece, but it’s always been unseasonal. Short lived. Even when we were skiing in Chatel last March Mrs Sun stole a march on everyone else and treated us to some lovely weather.


But it’s cold now. It’s been perishing in mid-east France. Doris’s heater has been working overtime and we have been sleeping in our clothes. Actually that’s not true, but I do wear a hat in bed and, not giving any secrets away, C often wears a pair of socks. It’s all truly romantic. And of course we’re coming home, so it’s not going to get much warmer. How will our wardrobe cope? We have yet to figure that out. And to be clear, it’s cold – but Doris isn’t. Our heating system works a treat.

We are just short of Arras on this Sunday morning. We’re off to see Andrea and Richard tonight, who live in Arras, and they are currently stoking the fire for us. That’s literally, not in any way euphemistically. Which is a big hurrah! Our route north has been east of Paris following the Rhone, Soane and then the Marne, always stopping at free Aires, some with free electric – such a good country for campers. And there are still plenty of us about. The least we’ve seen at a stopover has been three vans. It is a national trait. And fabulous news for us.


So. That’s me for today. Calais for a couple of days and then Richard and Caroline’s on Wednesday/Thursday. And then our country tour. We have, very kindly, been gifted ten days in Chatel again in early January thanks to Andrew and Elizabeth. We’re still discussing how to get there, but the certainty is that Doris will stay behind. How lucky are we?

Finally, sorry about the size of the photos and lack of captions.  Wordpress have changed their processes and my iPad is not coping.  Having sporadic wifi doesn’t help.  Oh well.

Have a good week.

6 thoughts on “Where are my thermals?

  1. I know the feeling matey, after a wonderful day walking barefoot on the beach wearing shorts and tee-shirt, in the evening, walking to the Marina for Dinner, had to put a flipping jumper on !!

  2. I have to echo Eric and Shazza – it’s awful after being so warm on the beach having to put on a fleece in the evening, still someone has to do it! Safe trip home and have a wonderful Christmas with your family.

  3. and heading North we are not putting on a jumper – we are putting on every jumper we own here, its freezing! welcome back to the real world of wet and windy 🙂

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