Writer’s cramp

imageI’m not sure how much ink I have left! I do feel that I have become a writing machine. When I planned Unsuspecting Hero I put out a chapter a week, when chapters were around 4,000 words a pop. In the last month of writing that book I doubled the production line. Now I’m scribing three chapters a week, each over 6,000 words. And that includes checking and rewriting. The new book, ‘Flames to the Fire’, its working title, is at 90,000 words now (UH finished at 85,000). I reckon there are 30,000 to go. The good news it will be finished in draft form by Christmas unless my fingers break.


What else? Well not much really. C’s been either knitting, reading, or looking after me. The weather has been exceptional – cold and damp overnight, but long sunny days. We back at Plage D’Artiste and have fallen in love with Le Grau-du-Roi, a fishing village cum tourist resort at the edge of the Camargue. It straddles a canal with feeds Aigues-Mortes and takes you into the whole French canal network. The Aire is beautifully placed and we are a ten second walk from a beach too long to run down. Perfect.

And Doris? Well all of the electricity things have been sorted. The 12v is no longer tripping and the fridge lights and stays alight on gas. We have definitely become part of her and whilst still the smallest coach built van in the whole of France, we continue to manage well.


I do worry about running out of leisure battery. Our 80W solar panel does really well in the Spring through to the Autumn. But now the days are short and Mrs Sun a bit shy. We have now been six days without hook-up and only an hour’s driving. We watch about three hours of TV every night and with darker nights, the lights go on when they need to. But, the 105AH battery is holding up – I do have plans to get a portable PV system to charge all our handheld electrics, especially my chrome book which is in use a lot at the moment.


That’s a Christmas task – which is coming together quite nicely. We’ve got people lined up to see, including some friends of our just short of Calais. But another ten days or so down here before we head north.

Hope all is well with you!

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