Pootling along…

Who would have thought we would have sat still for quite so long?


The south coast of France isn’t that long, not like it’s west coast which is as long as least two pieces of string. Having meandered south in the first four or five days, it’s seems we have snailed it from west to east with our toes nearly always in the water.

It is an ever changing coast. After the Pyrenees you have the Vermillion Coast which is flattish, sandy and very Clactonesque and holiday centric with miles and miles of campsites. Next, below Montpellier, is the Amethyst Coast which is much of the same, but slightly more up market with big tourist towns like Sete. The Camargue, which if you’re after nothingness and a get away from it feel (although it is a struggle to get away from the mossies), will suit you. That’s next. And then finally, where the Alps meet the sea, and where we are now, you have the Azure Coast, or in French and more famously ‘Cote D’Azure’. We have been following property prices, and here, as you’d imagine, they hike. This is where James Bond plays his poker.

the mighty Rhone

the mighty Rhone

To finish with the Camargue. The campsite we stayed at at Saint Marie’s allowed us to recharge, shower in campsite showers (the ones where you leave them on and don’t mind where the water goes), walk across the salt flats and get plenty of photos, lose my favourite shorts and find them again two days later, but not find Mrs Sun. It was wet and windy. But not cold.

Then we drove to the eastern corner of the Camargue at Port St-Louis-du-Rhone, where the Grand Rhone hits the Med. Here Mrs Sun was back and we stopped on quayside for one night and cycled right down through the eastern end of the Camargue to a fabulous beach, which we loved so much we stayed the next night.


The weather was ‘Bon’. We both had fabulous runs along the beach (latest regime is to run every other day) and sat outside Doris in the late afternoon sun soaking up the ambience. There were a number of campers parked on the beach, but with three or four others, we stayed in the free carpark. It was great.

The arrival of sea mist yesterday forced us on to a recommended Aire in sight of the foothill of the Alps (Doris had forgotten how to climb) at Carro. It is a purposefully built Aire right by a rocky beach and the harbour of this quaint little port. Did I say it was packed? Yup. It’s amazing how many French people are sunbirding it. And so few Brits (we’ve seen one in two weeks). But it’s cheap (€6) with free water. Yesterday afternoon Mrs Sun forgot what season it was and walking down the beach we were both too hot in shorts and t-shirts; fabulous.

a favourite of ours...

a favourite of ours…

What else are we doing? C is still knitting for Europe. And me the same with the book. I’m now pushing out about 15,000 words a week and will have draft one finished by Christmas all being well. I’m still no clearer on how it ends, but I guess that’s the excitement of it all?

Anyhow, enough from me. All’s well here. Have a great week.

4 thoughts on “Pootling along…

  1. Nice drop of weather for your photos! Last year I stayed one night on the campsite at Saintes-Maries, a combination of many mozzie bites and their exorbitant charges caused me to leave the area early the next morning …
    Now get back to writing the book you’ve got people out here waiting … 😉

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