A shawl the size of Portsmouth

colder than it looks

colder than it looks

Morning. Sandra and Iain from Baxterbus have just finished their one-year European tour. We met them in Sicily and then again in Greece. They were moving at a rate that was slower than a drunken slug and in January we told them there was no way they would make it round Europe in a year. Well, they have and if you are in any way interested in taking a year off and driving round Europe in a MH – then their blog is a must to get a feel of how to do it right.

Actually I mention them mainly because we continue to be plagued with poor weather – or should I say unseasonable weather. We did share the wonderful Indian Summer in the UK just now, but to be fair we hadn’t planned to be at your place over that period. We had


planned to be in Croatia – where they’ve just had four weeks of violent storms. We stayed behind for doctoral reasons, and Mrs Sun shone.

Now, right on the south coast of France (currently at a €16 a night ACSI site at Vendres-Plage, which is nice enough) it’s either been blowing with wind, overcast and dank or, hang on whilst I look out the window this Sunday morning, oh…some sunshine. Hurrah!

our current beach

our current beach

Baxterbus had fabulous weather wherever they went, except for the two times they met up with us. So wait for them to go again (and they will) and then tag on with them.

To complete our itinerary thus far, up until here we did stop over at an Aire-car park affair at Port-Nouvelles, which was where we were forced inside by monumental northerly winds which, even though Mrs Sun was out, meant we cowered inside Doris.

What have we been doing? I’ve been writing and writing and writing. Now over 30,000 words and so caught up in the story I can’t get them down quick enough. Don’t misunderstand me, it is terrifically hard work. A page of A4 can take an hour and a half. I’ll write a paragraph and then chop it to pieces and write it again. Mikki, who’s looking over the first three chapters at the moment, then hacks it about again. And I reread and rewrite all the time. It’s a tough life being an author.

our Jen with her new dress bought to attend the Sandhurst Christmas ball

our Jen with her new dress bought to attend the Sandhurst Christmas ball

On the plus side I have republished UH in paperback form – smaller and with numerous errors removed. And, surprisingly, it’s still selling in e-book form at about one a day. I have no idea who’s buying them now. I intend to put it out there free next weekend, and that should mean another big slab flies off the metaphorical shelf. I reckon 300 people now have a copy on their kindle.

Riyadh Readers by Skype on Tuesday evening. Annie tells me that she’s spoke to two of her group and they ‘loved it.’ I’m still v nervous though.

That’s that from us… Oh, forgot to mention! C’s still with me! Currently knitting a shawl the size of Portsmouth for a friend of Jen’s soon to be born baby. Couldn’t do this without her!

4 thoughts on “A shawl the size of Portsmouth

  1. Hi R & C. Yep, I’m still keeping an eye on you two!! Is there a link to the new masterpiece or are you keeping it a secret this time?
    Mrs Sun is smiling here this weekend, have a feeling it will be all tears during the week. Enjoy yourselves. Take care. Pete

  2. haha – loving it 🙂 well not that you are still the bad weather harbingers obviously (but gosh you are!). Your previous thoughts on our possibly “not making it to the campsite gate” spurred us on – thank you 🙂 xx

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