We made it

We made it. I’m writing this about a hundred clicks south of Calais and on our way. Next stop The Med. I think Mrs Sun has finished with the good old UK and has migrated like a swallow downwards. We are doing the same – for a bit.

We were busy until we got on the ferry. We had a lovely evening with Peter and Karen, just going over our respective summers and then we drove to Oxford to meet up with Johanna, an old student of imageours, to discuss some work I’m going to be doing for her next summer. In short, she and a friend are running a two week summer course called Oxford for Leaders. My job is to run the leadership slice, whilst those much more intellectual than I will give the students the benefit of their wisdom on politics, theology etc. I’m really looking forward to it, although I will have to work hard to formulate my thoughts, turn them into lesson plans and then deliver. Should be fun!

For the record we stayed at the Oxford C&CC site which, for £14, gave us a piece of grass and some drafty showers (electricity was extra). But it’s close enough to walk in for the evening session, and we both managed runs down the Thames. I’m not sure we could do much better for the price, although they could smarten the place up a bit.

Friday was a trip to see Mary and then along to Richard and Caroline’s in Dover (really nice to see them) for a cup of tea before a late night ferry and a stay on the wonderful Calais Aire which, for €8, you get a sea view.

I suppose the big thing is that we are abroad again, and, importantly, on our own. We have no reason to be, but we both feel shattered. Living in Doris, driving about the place all the time, is not without anxiety and I guess with C’s hospital trips and my Mum and Dad still not right, we are a bit drained. But, even after just twenty-four hours abroad (a quick run and watching Strictly – middle class pornography), we a already feeling more relaxed. Ànd that should only get better the further south we head. Hurrah!

shouldn't this be flying south with us?

shouldn’t this be flying south with us?

We are heading south for the sun. I reckon we have over six weeks, which is nothing in comparison to when we left last year (on exactly the same day, would you believe), where we had eight months ahead of us. But in comparison to our old school summer holidays, it’s v long and, for those of you working, I know it’s an age. So we are heading in the right direction. Our only call is for me to continue writing (Chapter 4 finished) and for C to knit a rug, or something.

So, how lucky are we? Have a great week.

8 thoughts on “We made it

  1. So nice to hear you’re on the road to the sun, again! Safe travels down south and tell Mrs Sun not to forget to visit us, Belgians, from time to time! Thanks.

  2. Happy days.

    Actually two beautiful days here, nice walk this morning around Wimbledon Common mit the Porters (re attendance at do confirmed your assumption was correct – nothing to worry about).

    C has raging tooth ache poor girl.

    Safe travels


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