In the waiting room…

We are still in the waiting room. Three days at Mum and Dad’s sorting out a few things with Kevin (elder brother) coming along on

the Old Man

the Old Man

the last day to tie some knots. He’s so much better with Dad than I am. I guess Dad listens to him more than me. It’s one of the privileges of being the elder, but more likely he has more affinity with Dad and is just, well, better at it than me.

The bottom line is that Dad has dementia although, with that wonderfully tragic, comic irony, he can’t remember that he has dementia. And always denies it. But now we have all agreed that he won’t drive, which is a big blow, but a smaller one than the next time he has an accident on the roads. Mum can’t drive because of her stroke, so they’re left with walking (the village has everything they need), buses, taxis and trains. Like ten of thousands of other pensioners they will have to make do. Let’s hope they manage.

not a great photo of a wonderfully 'wrapped' car

not a great photo of a wonderfully ‘wrapped’ car

Now at Mary’s to help with her big party for Adrian’s friends. They’re a fun crowd so whilst C and I have become caterers for a weekend (we are getting v good at this) the payback is a lovely party. And straight after we have to head off down to the Levels to overnight before C’s second, and hopefully last trip to the hospital. Coincidentally Doris is in the doctors getting two new rear tyres (£150 each – ouch, but that’s the price you pay for camper, not truck, tyres).

Finally, three weeks ahead of schedule, I have completed the Prologue and first Three Chapters of the new book (NB). It’s with Mikki, my editor, now for her perusal. I am so excited by it, which is why I’m cracking on. 15,000 words into a 100,000 word novel. It still doesn’t bear thinking about.

And, hopefully, the group at today’s party might show an interest – I am not beyond a bit of marketing of UH as I wander round with a glass of Blue Nun in my hand. We’ll see.

2 thoughts on “In the waiting room…

  1. Any comment sounds flippant when reading about you Dad, but, it’s the reason doing what we are all doing is the right thing to do now not later. Hope we catch you two soon. x

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