First many thanks to the bunch of you who, after the previous post, gave encouraging comment like ‘stop moaning and get on with it!’ No, really, thanks for the support along the lines of ‘something will come up as and when’. No job offers though…

I guess much of this questioning is about waiting for C to get through her tests and then we can trundle off into the sunset, or more accurately, race down south to catch the Mediterranean autumn sun. Hopefully that is just over a week or so away.

Not much to report really. We stayed for a final day at the lovely CL in the northern levels (£10 a night, plus the added bonus of BT wifi), wandered around W-S-M (Western…) and had a warm, but overcast walk along the never ending beach at Bream Down. C had her first appointment at Taunton, we stayed over at Deer Leap so that we could pick up some paperwork at Wells and, via Seymour and Debbie’s, made our way to Mum and Dad’s. We’re here for a couple of days.

Bream Down

Bream Down

I know Seymour reads this and I hesitate about writing something, but I feel I must. I have known Seymour for longer than I have known C. We served together in same battalion very early on, and, although there was a slight age difference – and that does define your friendship groups in the Army – we have always got on really well. And we have kept in touch as we both went our separate ways through life. Both happily married; both have two wonderful children; both successful in our own ways.

But I don’t have cancer.

The open way Seymour talks about his illness, and that fabulous smile he has kept (which has always attracted the girls, and I guess at times, the odd man) makes him an inspiration to all of us who will inevitably be very poorly at sometime in our lives. I use his disposition as one of the main reasons that we are doing what we do now – living life as we want to, rather than shackled but the expectations of society. So thanks Seymour. Thanks for the inspiration. And good luck with everything.

We had a very easy journey up to Colchester, Doris loving her new EGR valve and software update. And Mum and Dad are as they were when we last saw them a couple of weeks ago. But, sadly, a couple of weeks older. Dad had another small car accident the other day and has (thankfully) decided not to drive from here on in. Whilst a huge inconvenience, it is the only sensible and safe approach.

some cows...

some cows…

Here for a couple more days and the off to Mary’s for the weekend. Chapter 2 is nearing completion and, I have to say, I’m loving it. Hurrah!

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