Ok Google, all is forgiven

It’s been a bit of a post-US lull and I don’t have a great deal to report. Quite a bit of my time has been focussed on getting Mary a new computer. You would have thought this would have been a simple enough affair, but with the introduction of Windows 10 (which we had heard was problematic) it’s no longer a simple case of transferring files and contact lists and plugging it in.

the stork at the bottom of Phil and Denise's garden

the stork at the bottom of Phil and Denise’s garden

Windows 10 has a poor email client and wouldn’t accept Mary’s contact list from her old machine. And it also wouldn’t group email contacts together to allow you to email lots of people at the same time. Mary needs this facility as she’s secretary for a charity and emails groups of people a lot.

The man at the shop couldn’t really help me – we just couldn’t work it out. Eventually I phone Bill Gates himself (actually it was a good friend of his in the Philippines) and he took control of Mary’s computer and we eventually decided that the only way ahead was to buy and download Outlook. He did all of this remotely from Manilla. (The message here is that if a bloke from the Philippines can access and move things around on your computer from 10,000 miles away, then I’m not surprised people can hack into NASA and paint the space shuttle pink.)

Anyhow, after what seemed like a week in front of Mary’s machine it was all sorted. Hurrah! Whilst this was going on C sorted some stuff as, after a quick trip to London tomorrow, we’re winding up for the next stage of our European tour – Croatia next we think, hopefully catching the ferry mid next week.

Finally I am perilously close to getting Unsuspecting Hero available in paperback. Amazon’s sister company, CreateSpace, allow Indie writers like me to upload my novel and cover and then make it available (including an ISBN number) on Amazon. And, should they wish to stock and sell it, any bookshop and all libraries. There is no cost to me, but the cheapest I can dispatch the book is for £5.99 – my royalties are in pennies. I’d like to sell it for less (it’s currently only £0.99 on kindle), but Amazon need to cover their costs so it will be what it will be.

That’s all from me today. Have a good weekend.

3 thoughts on “Ok Google, all is forgiven

  1. Ro

    Greetings from Istanbul, over with M for our annual long weekend of taking Ma somewhere. You really should extend your Croatian jaunt and pop down here, it’s really worth a visit.

    Hoping you’re still going to call in on 29th, any idea of the time?

    Well done with sorting M’s computer.

    Looking forward to hearing about the U.S. of A trip.

    Keep smiling


    Sent from my iPad


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