The new maid…

More pictures from me I think. I understand the weather’s not been so good in the UK whilst we’ve been over the Pond? That’s because Mrs Sun is on the US’s payroll. It has been just perfect here. Not too hot to make going outside an uncomfortable experience, just warm enough to brown your toes. Perfect.

Norfolk's beautiful botanical gardens

Norfolk’s beautiful botanical gardens

For the record, as well as being royally entertained by the Jones’, we visited the local botanical gardens (an acreage the RHS would be proud of) and yesterday to Williamsburg, one of the three founding settlements. The latter had an authentic feel with the locals dressed accordingly and not a single tricorne hat fridge magnet in sight (but modern enough to make ‘ye olde wifi’ available). A good balance.

five more photos of the garden

five more photos of the garden





We also did the whole American burger experience at a nice bar a couple of evenings ago and popped out to a diner for a breakfast of meat, eggs, carbohydrate and sugar. You can have your eggs anyway you like provided you’re happy that there’s sugar in your breakfast somewhere.

and Williamsburg. He one on the left is a Leiutenant General!

and Williamsburg. The one on the left is a Lieutenant General!




Off to an air show today where, as well as an assortment of planes, I think we might be fed hotdogs for lunch. I think we both feel a detox coming on…

the new maid...

the new maid…

2 thoughts on “The new maid…

  1. Brilliant, so glad you’re enjoying it, the Jonese’ are wonderful hosts. When we were over we all went to Jamestown which I thought was really impressive. My Mother was equally impressed by Willamsburgh. I’m off to Istanbul with her on Wed for a few days. While you’re stuffing your face enjoying the US of A experience, bear in mind the recently introduced UK immigration requirements that have you weighed on return. Those with a body mass index that has increased by more than 10% will be held in no man’s land until such time as they return to their exit weight (or of course they can decamp to Cochelles and try their luck hopping onto a moving Euroexpress. Your self like maid will of course have no problems in getting through. Love to everyone. R Date: Sat, 19 Sep 2015 11:42:00 +0000 To:

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