We’re walking on sunshine, ohh oh!

Well at least the weather has improved. It is fair to report that the last four days have been okay. Not late summer weather; more early autumn. But enough to get C and I on our feet walking down canals and running around the countryside.

Hi Onn with Bex and Steven

Hi Onn with Bex and Steven

After a night’s stop in the rain on Wenlock Edge we parked up for two nights at the Caravan Club Ā£12.50 site at High Onn. It’s a lovely site close enough to the M6 that you should be able hear it, but far enough away to be subsumed in countryside and smothered with soundless nights. We both ran a four-miler, walked the same distance in reasonably sunny weather, cleaned Doris and did other admin. Watching the World Championship athletics has been a real boon and I have now completed my work for the pal of mine – we meet in a couple of weeks to discuss the outcome.

we're walking in sunshine, ohh, oh!

we’re walking in sunshine, ohh, oh!

We’re close to Penkridge where Bex and Steven live, so we saw them and then parked for two nights on their (his Dad’s) drive. Before that we had another altercation with a elderly couple in Aldi’s carpark. They approached Doris and looked to get in their new Golf when the woman said ‘I hope you haven’t scratched our new car’. Flabbergasted we then joined an unnecessary conversation that was more suited to EastEnders than some civilised people. For us it was another nail in the coffin for this country.

On the plus side we did pop into a local motorhome dealer where they specialise in Carthago motorhomes. For the non-experts among you Cathargo are the Mercedes of motorhomes and we did pick out one we really liked. At Ā£66k it seemed worth every penny, but then you have to live with a mobile palace and look after it with real care. It’s not that we don’t look after Doris, it’s just that we’re now much more relaxed about where we take her. Certainly if we parked up in a supermarket carpark (actually we wouldn’t be able to fit), we’d be asking anyone and everyone if they had scratched our new motorhome.

picnic lunch stop

picnic lunch stop

Last night we went out to supper in Penkridge with Steven and Bex and his Mum. A very convivial evening it was too. Next we’re off back down south to Bristol to see Jen, popping into Gloucester to see ex-school parent friends of C’s. And then? Mary’s followed by Mum and Dad’s for the big bash. Hurrah!

Oh, and finally, at the Hi Onn campsite we met an ex-DI policeman who had taken early retirement at 48 and had now, at 58, stopped work altogether. He kept himself busy cycling all over the UK and Europe. We got to know him because he wanted to look round Doris as he was thinking about upgrading from a caravan. I asked him if he was worried about not working, not using his talent. Ehh, no. He thought he’d done enough and was enjoying life for what it was. Well there you go…

Have a great week.

9 thoughts on “We’re walking on sunshine, ohh oh!

  1. Wow, blue skies and sunshine in the pictures! That’s great! And as for ‘eastender’ situations … You have them everywhere, you know!
    Keep enjoying your freedom. All the best!


  2. Was the retired cop single? Don’t forget, in Europe they don’t ask if you’ve scratched their car because; a. they don’t know how to – language b. the reputation of the brits as violent football hooligans dissuades them. Peter R has come back to you re your efforts? Keep smiling R and C

    Date: Sun, 30 Aug 2015 08:17:50 +0000 To: richardclements76@hotmail.com

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