And the best news of all

It’s official – this country is rubbish. Since we ran away from the Pembrokeshire coast, other than one day, the weather has been foul. Last night, the 25th of August, we had to put the heating on in Doris. We have managed a short walk and a run in the last couple of days, but other than that we’ve been kept indoors by weather designed for a different season.

much wetter than it looks

much wetter than it looks

I don’t want to go on about it but even in the back of beyond in wet Wales it’s still a busy island we live on. People are still moving about at a pace quicker than their counterparts on the continent. Roads are full and fast and people seem to live with the nerves at the tips of their fingers exposed – it doesn’t take much for a man in McDonalds to give C an unnecessary piece of his mind. That happened the other day. And, to cap it all, I got another parking ticket. Let me tell you…

…we got a delayed ticket from one of these supermarket car parks which are owned by car parked companies, the ones that don’t take any money for you parking on their tarmac provided you park within the lines, display a ticket (which you get reimbursed at Asda/Tescos etc) and do not outstay your welcome. We were fined £70 for parking too long in Norwich about eighteen months ago. At that point we were oblivious to the signs and the preponderance of cameras. The next thing we know we got a v sharp legal letter through the post with ‘debt agencies’ mentioned if we didn’t pay. I did some research and it seemed the jury was out on whether or not they could legally fine us as you had not signed a contract with them. We paid up, not wanting the jury to be in for our particular case.

Last month we stopped at Peterborough to do some shopping. Peterborough is rubbish for motorhomes – every carpark had a height barrier, except Asda. Noting that we were under surveillance with cameras and unpleasant signs, we were diligent about buying a ticket, leaving before we ran out of time and using the ticket in Asda – although we did pop into town. This apparently wasn’t enough for the carpark owners who obviously only make money by fining people. £70 please.

What to do? Well without a full time job we can’t afford for our credit rating to be hit by some non-payment, so I will pay the bill



whilst protesting our innocence. I’ll let you know how it goes. But to add to the overall gloom when we parked in some Welsh town by the border where we were met with the picture here. C made sure she took a photo of our ticket just in case we get summoned again. The same thing happened again today in Telford, so we didn’t bother parking and moved onto the a retail area where Big Brother’s stretch was not quite long enough.

Having said all of that, the best news of all – and by far outweighing all of this rubbish – is our Jen and James have gone and gotten themselves engaged. Hurrah! We are both over the moon and can’t wait to see them on Sunday after they get back from Skye where the deed was done. Well done them.

well done them!

well done them!

Finally, for the record, the weather has kept me indoors and allowed me to do some more work for my friend. And whilst stopped at a Caravan and Camping Club CL (no EHU) somewhere in wet Wales, the fridge wouldn’t light on gas – just like a couple of years ago. This time it didn’t take me too long to find a wire on the gas pump at the back of the fridge which was a little faulty. A quick wiggle and hey-presto, am fridge repair man again.

Finally and serendipitously we bumped into three Wells Cathedral School minibuses at Buith Wells (DofE Gold exped) and had a lovely catch up with people we know. So, it’s not been all gloom and doom.

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