It’s raining…rain

We made it as far as Brecon to a small Caravan Club site at Aberbran. It’s an old railway station, tidily well looked after by the CC and at £12.50 for a pitch and electric, not a bad place to park up.

the site, not the station...

the site, not the station…

We were expecting heavy rain for ever, but Saturday gave us some lovely sunshine and we managed a cycle into Brecon for a coffee, and then a v long run up into the hills and back. I was out for 44 minutes and C for over an hour. Fabulous.

post 6-miler...

post 6-miler…

local cattle bridge almost overcome with the deluge

local cattle bridge almost overcome with the deluge

And then the rain came and it’s been heaping it down ever since. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I was able to complete the work on the model that Mr Google so cruelly lost for me between my Chromebook and the Cloud. Clearly Klars and Wolfgang in their air conditioned warehouse near The Hague were having a day off. Whatever I tried to do it wouldn’t update the Cloud from my Chromebook, and then wouldn’t let me open my titanic of a spreadsheet which was in its up to date form on my machine. So I had to revert to an older version and spent a good chunk of yesterday redoing the work. This time, thankfully, it has updated to the Cloud. I hope it’s raining so much in Holland a dam bursts.

That’s the danger with Cloud computing. First you have to have the confidence when you go to an international meeting that they’re going to have reliable wifi and the Cloud is going to release what you want to your machine. And, more seriously, that neither Klars nor Wolfgang decide to let anyone else have a play. It’s a worry. Thankfully I’m no longer anywhere near being important enough to fret about my work, but I have to say the air was blue yesterday for a bit.

our pitch

our pitch

I also relaunched e-advertising for Unsuspecting Hero. I didn’t realise that the advertising I do with Amazon only hits the U.S. market, so any books sold in the UK (now at 80…I so want to get to 100 by the end of the month) have been either by paper flyers or word of mouth. I have widened the U.S. campaign to include young adults – I think that makes sense as I’ve had a fourteen year old lad tell me he enjoyed the book – so we’ll see what happens now.

The wet weather plan included listening to the cricket (yah-boo-sucks), hearing of Bournemouth’s fab win yesterday (Mary and I are now both Cherries supporters), watching Jessica Ennis and Mo Farah be just fabulous (hurrah) and, I have to say a highlight of this year’s summer sport, watching Usain Bolt beat Gatlin over 100 metres. And a special well done to Seb Coe who has picked up the most difficult job in the world. As an ex-800 metre athlete of no renown whatsoever, I have the greatest respect for all athletes: little skill, just persistent hard graft. Lord Coe needs to re-elevate the purist of sports back up onto its pedestal. Good luck to him.

We’re probably moving on tomorrow. The weather looks set to remain grumbly and a fleeting thought of trekking up Pen-y-Fan looks set to be unaccomplished. Oh well, we’ll be back…

Have a great week.

One thought on “It’s raining…rain

  1. I thought you may have had your fill of Pen-y-fan in the past. Good to see Lord Coe, I’ve read his book and he’ll be great for the sport. Absolutely holing down here in Lewisham (which, strangely enough gets a mention in your book), ah…also the Nissan Terrano, miss her!! Have a good week. There is talk of a job for me in Surrey Docks, how my life is just circles.

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