Lots of stuff going on

Sorry, it been a few days. What have we been up to?

I suppose there are three strands to what’s been going on. First our stay at Mary’s last weekend was relaxing and fun. She had relatives of hers staying, but we all rubbed along well. A trip to Petworth House on Saturday with coffee and lunch (we do know how to live) accompanied by the last few delightful overs of the winning test match reverberating via my Tune In Radio app, all in fabulous, warm English summer weather was a real tonic after two days of driving.

Petworth - not attractive

Petworth – not attractive

Petworth is an ugly pile, unless you consider its huge size having a beauty of its own. If you approach it from the north you’d be forgiven to think that it stood on its own in a huge estate. It certainly has a large estate but the house is literally blistered onto the town of Petworth. I say town, it’s actually a conglomeration of antique shops glued together with eating houses. It’s all v English and twee, but, for me, lacks soul.

Inside the house is a revelation. You’re only allowed downstairs as

pictures are a revelation

pictures are a revelation

the owners (Lord and Lady Somebodyorother) still live in part of it and, whilst grand, it has the same slightly unkempt feel of the outside. But the pictures…well, all of the walls are covered in great artists’ works. If you’re a Turner fan, you’ll have already been to the House, I’m sure. I think it’s his early stuff, as there are none of the almost surreal later pictures he did with hints of boats and unsuspecting colours, but it’s all good nonetheless. For me, they redeemed what could be a gem of a NT property. But money goes only so far I guess, even for the NT.

Second I popped along to my friend and presented the work I had done whilst in France. This led to some other discussions and I took away some actions which I shall work in in the next couple of weeks. Intellectually it was all v stimulating, but walking into an office environment did nothing for me whatsoever, so I’m no further forward with deciding what to do next…


…unless I remind you that I am a published author! Well, published in an electronic sense and with only 75 sales to my name so far. However, believe it or not confidence is still high. I have played with the advertorial on Amazon and the prologue (all punters can look inside the book on Amazon and this is the first thing they read), and Mikki is going to give them both a once over as well. The flyers have arrived. Mikki is going to distribute some around the New Forest, Kenn into my old military workspace of Abbeywood, and C, Jen and I will be walking round Bradley Stoke tomorrow putting them through people’s doors. Between us we have over 1,250 to get rid of.

flyers have arrived

flyers have arrived

Surprisingly whilst in Wells today seeing doctors ‘n all, Waterstones agreed to put a flyer up on their wall. Our local library declined (shame on them!) but the man in the queue behind me when I asked the question took a leaflet and said he would get a copy. Now, if I personally handed out each flyer… There’s a thought.

Jen and I spent some of yesterday (Monday) afternoon talking through the sequel. I am v excited by the whole thing, even if Book 1 has hardly shown a great return on investment (ROI – look at the businessman in me now!). I think the plot for Book 2 will hold together well and as for Sam Green, well she’s going to have some fun.

Thirdly on Monday night we had supper with a school pal of mine. I think I may have described him before. He’s the delightful lunatic who, at just slightly older than me, runs, skis and mountain-bikes as though every day was his last. Not content with breaking his knee skiing at Easter, he broke his back mountain-biking a couple of weeks ago whilst careering round in Germany. Two rods implanted in his spine and he’s back in his feet, raring to go – just over a week later. Amazing. He invited another school friend over for supper and between us all we had a lovely evening.

the remarkable JB, on his feet straight after back surgery

the remarkable JB, on his feet straight after back surgery

What now? Well we’re stuck in the southwest until further doctor’s appointments on Saturday and then two weeks off. I have work to do, but we both want to get away and hibernate in the late English summer, with Mrs Sun for accompaniment, all tanned and whatnot. Between now and Saturday we’re not quite sure. Out to supper tonight with C’s matron, over night with Jen (Bex and Steven coming down) and three days free with no particular plan. It’s a great life, really it is.

Oh and hello to Pete! We met him and his wife in Lidl’s car park. He is, by his own admission, an avid reader of this drivel. And he was one of the first to read the book, following it originally when I posted it chapter by chapter on the blog. He’s a fellow motorhome owner and an old friend from school. That was a coincidence.

Anyhow. Enough from me. You go and have a good week.

4 thoughts on “Lots of stuff going on

  1. Good to see you both, in the flesh, as it were!! Perhaps next time we can do better than Lidl’s car park, and enjoy a beer at the same time!! Looking forward to the new book in due course.

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