I’m sorry but I won’t get round to writing everyday whilst we’re abroad this time. It’s not about lack of effort, nor about things to write about, it’s just the wifi at the campsite (which is free) is also broken. I guess you get what you pay for. I

an illusion in a church in Blois

an illusion in a church in Blois

posted the previous blog at Blois railway station, and popping into town will be how I post this one. But I afraid I’m not going to bust a gut to get the thing out there.

We wandered around Amboise yesterday (Tuesday) morning in what was the last we saw of Mrs Sun for over thirty six hours. Amboise is one of the many Loire towns and is among the best (better than Tours which we did a couple of months ago and Blois, which should be pronounced ‘blah’, which we did today). There is the Chateaux, Leonardo D’Vinci’s house and an accompanying little town with some nice old streets and, of course, the mighty Loire and our campsite island v close by. We had coffee and a look see and then, with the clouds coming in, set up camp for the long haul. It rained and rained and whilst we managed to eat under the awning, we were never far from getting wet.

Chateaux Blah

Chateaux Blah

The new board game ‘Catan’ was our pleasure among the raindrops. Think Risk, but make it slightly more complex and discard Kamchatka, mix in a bit of Monopoly and you have it. It certainly kept us entertained for a while.

we took a train

we took a train

Today we took the train to Blah (€7.20 return), wandered round looking at squares, churches and whatnot, had a coffee followed by a picnic by the Loire and then got on the train and came home again. Blah is ok and worth a visit, but it lacks the olde-worlde and close-knitness or Amboise. On return we did some admin and we all went for runs. Both C and I are still running six days a week and today I was out for 38 quick minutes, probably looking close to 9kms – and feeling v pleased with myself.


Mrs Sun is reticently back with us, but there is still a cool wind. I’d follow Baxterbus’ continuing advice. Don’t go where the Ladleys are – the weather will be pants. And so it is…

2 thoughts on “Blah

  1. now I feel a bit responsible for your rubbish weather 😦 Head for Sweden, sun is out, the sky is blue, bet you are humming the tune already – fingers crossed for sunshine for you there x

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