Le Loire

Where was I? Of yes. We finished off at Mary’s by helping out at her annual lunch party. We seemed to have more time this time, both in preparation and during the event. Both of us managed to talk to a number of her guests and, you know what, when

in Mary's backgarden

in Mary’s backgarden

I’m in my eighties I hope I’m half as sharp as some of the folk I spoke to. I don’t know what the key is to stopping your wits from visiting another country as you get older, but I hope we have the appropriate border controls in place.

Bex and Steven arrived with the accompanying whirlwind and we played Mexican Trains (too complicated to explain – think dominoes on steroids) until we were too tired to play anymore. The rain came when we were packing up Doris for the off (it had poured on the Friday – what is happening to this country?) and we made it to Richard and Caroline’s for tea and then an indoor BBQ, such was the weather. They had just returned from a week’s walking in the Pyrenees and they looked v well, although the last thing they needed was the Ladleys to descend on them and locust-like eat them out of house and home.

prepping for the party

prepping for the party

We booked the midnight crossing having found a site on the Loire (and I mean on the Loire – we’re on the island at Amboise) which didn’t appear to cost and arm and a leg – €20 a night for the four of us – and joined the accompanying Romanians on the Pride of Bucharest landing at Calais at 1am. Two things here: firstly you wouldn’t have thought there had been any issues with the Dover to Calais thing – it was busy but simple and pain free; nextly I think we were among the only Brits on the boat. It was like ferrying from Iguomenitsa to Brindisi where we were definitely the only Western Europeans on a boat with over 200 Eastern Europeans on board. I guess they’re all heading home for the summer?

locust like

locust like

We slept briefly just outside Calais. Steven and Bex had the luxury of the best bed in the world of motorhoming, C slept on the floor and me in the driver’s chair. It worked surprisingly well. The journey, into a stiff wind and with two extra bods Doris’ fuel consumption dropped from an average of 33mpg to 30mpg, was again surprisingly stress free and we arrived at Amboise at tea time for their annual Leonardo D’Ivinci festival. We settled in, ate, showered (hurrah!), ate and slept.

five nights here

five nights here

Funny thing? The two reoccurring issues with Doris have been the coughing when she’s cold and wet and the 12 volts tripping. Well it seems that the problems have been solved by….wait for it, playing with the wires. I read on the net about checking the wires from the MAP sensor to the ECU as they can become corroded. So I played about with them and, hey presto, not a whisper. Five days, much of it cold and wet, and not a cough. She pulls beautifully. And as for the 12v I think I’ve found the connection that is dodgy and whilst the 12v has tripped once, I went straight to the connection, played with it and all was fine with its world. So that’s all good.



Not sure what’s up today. Amboise for coffee I think. And then….?

Have a good week.

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