A lazy weekend

will  my bum fit through this?

will my bum fit through this?

Our last day at Ilam Park saw us undertake another long trek up onto one set of hills, down a sharp valley and then back up again only to fall off into our valley via some very feisty cows with their calves (= danger). It was a great walk with some lovely views of the Dales which we hadn’t really appreciated before. So we’ll be back.

We stopped to see Nick and Chris just south of Sleaford. Nick had just returned from a four week yacht race to the Azores and back, which if you saw the photos you’d realise wasn’t a narrowboat holiday. Two men, one thirty foot yacht and ten days continuous sailing into the mid-Atlantic with bits breaking and falling off just when you didn’t need them to. Before we got to theirs we stopped off at Belton Park NT and ran round the huge deer park in lovely weather. We are still running six days out of seven and have now stopped drinking weekdays and are feeling incredibly smug with ourselves.

Belton Park - good for a run

Belton Park – good for a run

The next day (Saturday) we drove via Peterborough – which has got to be the worst city for places to park your MH; every car park was height restricted apart form Asda’s – and then found a little haven for the weekend north of Bury St Edmunds. For £9 a night plus EHU it’s perfect and with Mrs Sun all dolled up and looking fabulous we did loads of admin including polishing Doris, finished servicing the bikes and whatnot. I also watched on ‘catch up TV’ Episode 5 of Humans, so we were up to date with Episode 6 tonight. But we did go for a run so that balanced a lazy day.



And the sport! Thankfully the Ashes series doesn’t have to be defined by England’s abysmal performance at Lords and with three tests remaining we might be able to claw something back. Well done the Murrays with the tennis and The Open is also shaping up to be a humdinger. I love it.

the field out the back of the campsite

the field out the back of the campsite

Off tomorrow to Great Bentley for Mum’s birthday and then a final dash down to Wells for Dentists and Doctors. It’s all go! And UH continues to sell at about a book a day but I have a plan to see if we can boost sales…more to follow.

Have a great week.

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