Must do better

As an “author” (the answer to a ‘what do you do’ question the other day on the phone) I’ve just reread the rubbish I’ve disguised as posts over the past couple of weeks and realise that I must work harder. I know this is absolutely a digital diary for us, but I do hope to make it entertaining for those of you sad enough not to have something better to do.

just next to Doris in our own field

just next to Doris in our own field

So here goes.

I don’t think I’ve ever watched/listened to so much sport in my life. Loved the cricket – TMS keeping me right up to date with their balance of accurate reporting and irreverent and often hilarious comment. And we have even watched some of the more obscure tennis matches. Federer, who was so good to actually be a little bit on the dull side against Murray, must be a sure bet for the final we’re watching at the

our Bex

our Bex

moment. But, unusually for us, we also watched some of the women’s final and yesterday’s the men’s doubles. Poor old Mrs Murray! Her two boys tripping up over the last hurdle. Oh well, I’m sure the pay cheques are considerably more than the £41 I’ve earned with Unsuspecting Hero so far. And with the Open from St Andrews next weekend plus more cricket from Lords it’s a bumper summer of sport.

How are we? Well much better now we’re parked on our own space. Technically it’s not our space of course, but the lovely little CL just outside Lichfield – just a field with a farm shop a couple of hundred metres away – is perfect. No electricity, but for £5 a night and good views in every direction, it works for us. Having paid we ‘own’ the space for twenty-four hours and that’s such a better feeling than parked up on someone else’s drive. Today, with Bex and Steven back at their place (they stayed with us the night before last), we have really just pottered about: C knitting, me writing (and taking advice on marketing Unsuspecting Hero now that it’s in super shape thanks to Mikki’s editing) and other stuff. The weather today (Sunday) has been hit and miss, but just now Mrs Sun has burst to the front of the audience and is prancing about in the mosh pit shouting ‘look at me!’ Bless her. I just can’t see it lasting long.

new air mattress...not sure that's going to go in there

new air mattress…not sure that’s going to go in there

With Bex and Steven yesterday we popped into Lichfield and had a poke around. It’s not a bad small city with plenty of old houses and some decent shops. We had coffee at Cafe Neros and lunch at ‘Spoons, our fave. For under £4 each we had a decent meal and a drink. The place was full of older people taking advantage of the inexpensive menu and trying their best to keep their teeth against a wave of chewy beefburger and sticky wrap.

What’s fun about being with those two is that they’re a lover of games and puzzles. So we always had a crossword puzzle open or played some board game or other. They are bright youngsters and put C’s and my general knowledge to shame. Two weeks today we’re off to France in Doris together. I think we plumped for The Loire as a destination as a balance between not too far and somewhere with something to see. I’ll let you know how it all goes. We hope to come back still remaining friends.

ooh, look at what I've just knitted

ooh, look at what I’ve just knitted

After an initial flurry UH is selling at an average of one book a day. This is hardly adding much to my Jaguar F Type savings fund, so I’m going to have to do some marketing at some point. I do have two possible ‘publishing’ avenues, but I’m going to keep those under my hat at the moment. I have seven 5-star reviews and some lovely comments, but if this to be a major part of our lives it needs to be much more than that. We’ll see…

My new camera is working brilliantly without my input. It’s more complicated than my previous one and I do need a good slab of time to get a grip of it. It has so many functions you’d need a masters in electronics to work it all out…oh, I remember now, I have one of those. Oh well. Where’s a Kodak when you need one.

I think we’re off tomorrow, heading east to Colchester. Our friends Nick and Chris want to see us and they’re en route, so we’ll look forward to that. We’ll find another CL somewhere and make the most of our newly found freedom and enjoy our own space.

Have a great week.

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