Two posts in one day!!

So that’s that then. Unsuspecting Hero published on Amazon here [Unsuspecting Hero] in about twenty countries. The UK price is £1.99. Let’s run through a bit of the history.

imageI think I wrote about a chapter a number of years ago when we up in Scotland in our previous van. I don’t know where the original draft is. Then last December we were on Sicily and met up with Ned and his wife. They were in a camper, but were mostly based on their yacht, which was moored on the south coast of the island for the winter. He foolishly said ‘come and pop round’, so we did. Ex-Navy but with some other interesting talents, he told me he had written and published a book on Amazon. I bought it and read it (I advertised it here – v good it was too) and then, with not a great deal to do other than ‘tourist’, I put pen to paper.

UH is twenty four chapters long and at 84,000 words fits in the bracket of ‘novel’, although to be fair, it is at the short end of the bracket (80-120,000 words is the unwritten – no pun intended – rule). Each chapter took me about four hours to write. Then our Jen read it, I re-read it, C and I read it together, Jen read it again and I re-read it twice more. That makes it about ten hours a chapter, around 240 hours of writing and editing. The front cover, signing in to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and then actually pulling the book together in e-format and publishing probably took another ten hours. Overall, 250 hours of work. At the minimum wage of about £6 I’d need to sell 1200 books to break even (I make £1.13 for every £1.99 book sold) – by the way e-books attract VAT; did you know that?

Actually it’s more than that because I bought the chromebook so I could write easily (£250) and I paid our Jen a stipend. So more like 1700 books to make it all worth while.

I don’t mean that of course. Pressing ‘upload’ this morning was a fabulous feeling. I am now a published author and, as at 10pm this evening, I have sold ten books. One of which I bought myself! 1690 to go!

If you do happen to buy it, please write a review. Good or bad, I don’t care. If I do decide to put pen to paper again, it would be helpful to have feedback.

Thanks. And have a great week.

4 thoughts on “Two posts in one day!!

  1. Sitting here in a lovely campsite in Fresnay sur Sarthe it was great to read that the book had been published at last and under your own name Roland! Tried to buy it on Kindle and was informed I had already bought it!!!!? ( Am I one of the 10 or was I an advance order?!
    Well done young man, and all who have helped along the way. Wish you every success….. When is the sequel starting!!!?

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