Today I’m getting my haircut!

My Dad cut my hair today. He’s on the wrong side of eighty and, it’s no secret, has dementia. It’s not yet debilitating, but his memory is very poor. Ask him what his illness is and he will tell you that ‘it’s, erm, you know….’. The best way to describe his memory issue is someone who doesn’t use nouns. He’ll talk about his day with a series of verbs and the odd adjective. And don’t ask him where he left his keys…

imageThe real sadness is he is fighting fit and has for all of his life been the the centre of something. Now he prefers to be down his allotment where his vegetables don’t ask questions that he can’t answer. But, he’s had a helluva life and has not been struck down with any major illness until now, so we have many blessings to count. And my Mum, bless her, is still functioning after major heart surgery and a stroke that would have killed a shire horse. Amazing.

Anyhow, I decided that as Dad used to cut hair in the Army, and as he used to cut my hair when I was a lad, he should give it a go. And a mighty fine job he did too! Well done him.

The last few days have been family focused (there’s a panel game in there somewhere) with a night at Kevin’s catching up with his daughters (the elder now a fully fledged soldier in the Logistic Corps). The two highlights were me pouring a whole takeaway curry down my new shorts – they’re in the bin. And the second was the Park Run which Kevin had signed us both in for. It was a good 5km race where my new found running fitness stood me in good stead. C did well as did Kevin. So that was a good thing.

I broke the umbrella, and then tried to fix it

I broke the umbrella, and then tried to fix it

We’re at Mum and Dad’s until probably Tuesday and then off via a stop to Mary’s again for a good slab of time. I do need to rewrite a couple of Chapters of UH and do the seventh and final edit before we go ‘public’. Any one got any ideas for a front cover?


Oh I forgot. We also visited Cliveden, Nancy Astor’s old pad (the first woman in Parliament and all round bit of a girl). The house is an hotel, so we couldn’t go in. But the gardens and views over the Thames were special and Mrs Sun came out all too briefly to keep us company.

Nancy Astor's pad

Nancy Astor’s pad

7 thoughts on “Today I’m getting my haircut!

  1. About time you had a shave never mind a hair cut you would not walk around like that if you where still a serving soldier, so pull yourself together or I will put you on a charge.

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