Agencies 1 – Author 0

I had my first rejection yesterday. It was a nice rejection, but I guess literary agents have a stock set of refusals which they pick depending upon who you are. Oh well it was nice of them to read the first three chapters and not include the word ‘delinquent’ in their response. Three others to go, but I don’t hold out any hope. Unsuspecting Hero remains full steam ahead for Amazon publication on 30 June, with our Jen on fifth edit and I have at least one more to go. My mate Pete, who read the book, gave me a bit of advice on the end, so there may be a little more work I need to do. And then there’s the additional complication of the front cover to design…

our latest farm stop

our latest farm stop

It’s been a couple of days where we have just started to find our rhythm. We finished off at Annie’s helping her clear out the roof. We popped into Newbury to speak to the bank (who are still friend of ours) and on the way to our current CL stopped off at a service station and planned the next couple of weeks – we now have some nice people to see and spend time with. Our CL is a farm field near Marlow (on the way to Mary’s), no electricity but only £8 a night. The weather has just started to improve again with Mrs Sun doing her English best, but the wind still battering us about a bit and, as a result, dropping temperatures accordingly. Food for thought for next summer certainly.

On a negative note (wot me?) C has had her purse stolen, I have been told to ‘f*** off’ by another driver, and C, likewise, has been given the finger by the passenger of another car. Now I could have left the purse on the counter at Costas, but you would have thought somebody behind me would have noticed, or the barista would have held it on lost property. Ehh, no such luck. No this country continues to disappoint in comparison to the continent. We may have been cut up in Naples and hooted at in Palermo, but we never felt threatened, especially with the venom that seems to affect our fellow countrymen (and women). It does us no service whatsoever.

Disareli's pad

Disraeli’s pad

On the plus side today we visited Hughendem House, Disraeli’s pad which was later used by the RAF mapping people in WW2. It’s a pleasant enough house with a great little garden, but what made it for us was the four mile NT signposted walk around and about which we really enjoyed. And, we’ve run pretty much everyday. My brother Kevin, who we are stopping with on Friday night, has booked both of in for a 5km Park Run on Saturday morning, so that will be a good benchmark.

new running shoes, mmmmm

new running shoes, mmmmm

Off to Mary’s today and my parents at the weekend. It’s all go!

8 thoughts on “Agencies 1 – Author 0

  1. As we are discovering all the time, it really is ‘Rip Off Britain’ !! Everywhere wants to charge for everything, car parking at sightseeing attractions, admissions at sightseeing attractions, food and beverages at sightseeing attractions. A nice beach, a picnic lunch and a flask of coffee, pure bliss!

  2. Apparently all famous authors have rejections at first!!
    What really gets me about this country is the rudeness, rush and aggression. Sad to say, if it weren’t for family and a few close friends I’d never come back.

      • I think it’s a fairly recent thing, partly because we are pretty overcrowded these days. We react to that by turning inwards and trying to protect our own very small space and that has made society as a whole in this country become very selfish and self-centred. We congratulate ourselves on doing our charitable bit, but we do it at arms length via our phones and our plastic – very few really get stuck in and help in any physical capacity, consequently we don’t need to learn consideration for others.

        Sorry – went off on one there!

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