Almost home

Another day of driving – we made it all the way to Calais and whilst we’ve arrived a whole day early we’re happy to stay here today and potter. Especially with the cricket so well poised. In fact the addition of TMS and benign sunshine made the two hundred mile journey a real pleasure. We didn’t even stop for lunch – C making something up on the hoof.

I had thought about making this post a reflective one, a look back over almost a year full timing and seven months on the continent which included Greece and Sicily. But I’ll leave that for tomorrow. Getting on the ferry will be a line in the sand as from the day we arrive in the UK I will be posting more irregularly. I’m not sure when I’ll post, but I’m reckoning on twice a week. But I really don’t know yet. So something deep tomorrow I hope as, even now, I try to get the whole thing in perspective and start to decide with C how we take the whole thing forward.

So a single picture of our final resting spot in France, a country which we have really fallen back in love with.

almost home

almost home

Have a great Bank Holiday Monday. Much more tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Almost home

  1. Safe crossing! And posting twice a week is fine, as long as you don’t stop! But it still needs to be fun to you! Enjoy your last leg of travel!

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