Heading north

A short post to reflect a day of driving and not a great deal else.

We put a pin on the map just west of Dreux (a village called Brezolles where there was a free Aire) but we stopped on the way out of Tours and had a Macdonalds breakfast whilst we posted the blog and did some other e-admin. Then we foraged for our own version of EU wine mountain so that we have some reserves for the UK – but knowing us it won’t be long before Morrisons are helping us out.

Doris for the night

Doris for the night

The drive was typically French, along straight roads with some cars and the odd truck. But peaceful and easy. The roads are always in good nick and often tree lined, which makes the whole experience an even more pleasant experience. I know they have a lot of room in comparison to us, and that makes road building and similar activities easier, but I am really not looking forward to returning to the UK and joining the fray that is our driving. I know I’ve said it before but we do seem to breed a number of unnecessary unpleasant drivers. And driving a campervan makes us a serious target for the rage of others. I wait to be pleasantly surprised.

The Aire was simple and easy. In an old walled garden, but next to a couple of big ponds we both managed to go for a run and throughout the late afternoon had TMS on in the background. Test Match Special is a remarkably relaxing wallpaper of sound and when you bother to tune in it is hilarious with cricket and comedy mixed in together.

lovely village last night

lovely village last night

We also had a woman coming round selling eggs, sausages and plucked pigeons. Mmmmm. Happy with the eggs and sausages, but not keen on the pigeons. Oh well.

Another day pottering north today. Have a relaxing Sunday.

6 thoughts on “Heading north

  1. Safe travels home and extra safe travels is what we wish you back in the UK. Remember to drive on the other side of the road 😉
    Hope you will continue your blog! Even if it’s not every day! It’s my favourite breakfast read!

  2. Hope you bring back some of Mrs Sun’s family. Been quite a track…and quite a read,good for you two, wish we had been able to do the same thing.
    Catch up when you can, we leave for France in a few weeks.

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