Could Dad be any more miserable?

Has Alex Salmond thought through what happens to Poundland shops in Aberdeen if they get independence? Surely on its own it’s a reason for a NO vote?

Just back from half term. It’s been a difficult week for which I must take a good slab of responsibility. Mary first with a storm and a half that blew her electricity. Then Kevin (who seemed in a good enough place) with Georgina and Grace both holding their ends up against some odds. Best of luck to Georgina as she applies for the Army this week. Then Mum and Dad. Dad still can’t get his head round why I’m leaving and taking a break; it’s a long and complicated discussion which is irreconcilable I feel. Mum is slowing down, but still managed to knock up a really lovely Sunday lunch.

Then off on our own, but picking up Bex in Cambridge who had just parted with Mike, so a tearful day in a Caravan Club quarry, and a pretty miserable (ok, my fault) morning in Cambridge with C in a wheelchair, rain and me wanting some space. Afterwards we stopped off East of Birmingham in what would have been a lovely site, but there was no ‘dry under foot’ room to get a view. Finally to Chapel Lane south of Birmingham, then outside Bex’s to go out to supper with her church friends. The latter started with an interesting taxi drive with a Muslim driver who decided we were ready to be converted. Curry with the gatekeeper (in joke, I’ll explain if asked) and then a trip down to Jen in Bristol. C made supper for the four of us and I have to say, very unusually for me, being with Jen and James was the highlight of the week.

Home now. Back to work tomorrow in a better place than when I left a week ago. The van was pretty faultless, but on inspection of the massive vans round the Chapel Lane site we did ask ourselves whether we have enough room. I guess, less the bed which is huge, everything is as small as it can be. As a result the van is small, nippy and economical. With C in plaster and poor weather (again – what a rubbish country we live in) we did struggle at times, but we are still married, so that must be a good sign.

Fridge still playing up, so I’m messing about with that now. Other than that, it’s 15 working weeks left…….. That’s half an op tour, so I must count my blessings. Till next time.

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