D- 238 (10 Nov) Email exchange with my mate…

Went out for supper with R&C last night and had an email exchange about where we are with our lives.  I’m 51 and he’s 53.  He’s at a crossroads as to what to do next.  For (my) record here’s my reply to him this morning:
It was great to see you last night.  I wish I could help more with your decision making.  I think most poignantly is the issue of our own mortality.  I know it’s a cliche, but nobody writes on their headstone – “I wish I had worked harder”.  And it’s very easy to become embroiled in the expectations of others, including our close family; but everyone dies alone – no matter who you are.  And, just as important, your children will move away from you and at some point in the future you will become a burden to them.  Your line “down payment for the future” to L (said in jest I know) last night has a very true ring to it.
There's more to life.....

There’s more to life…..

Now is the time.  We have, from a percentage perspective, about 15 years of non-ailment life left.  That’s a long slab of time that will disappear before you know it.  And for some of us (Seymour) it will actually be a lot shorter; and for the lucky few a bit longer.  

We have more than our parents ever had and certainly more than almost everyone else in the country.  We are not stupid enough to throw it away and neither of us are risk takers per se…….  But we have to make the most of what C calls “stage 3” of our lives.  Because Stage 4 includes some dribbling….
It is time to go.

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