Today is mostly a Tudor Day

Today was mostly Tudor Day

Today was mostly Tudor Day

A slow day in almost continuous rain.  We left just south of Knutsford and visited the NT property at Little Moreton Hall, a moated Tudor house that had wobbly legs and its half-timbered walls had sunk in places giving the effect of being drawn up by a very drunk architect.  Small, but now not perfectly formed, it was a delight in the rain.  And in true NT fashion they provided. a small cafe in one corner of the building so we finished off the tour with coffee and cake.

A slow meander south to try and rid ourselves of the rain became pointless and, after a trip to a roadside TK Maxx and lunch by a canal, we ended up in a C&C site (£11) just west of Bewdley.  But we stayed in pretty good humour which is a really good pointer for next year.  Last day of the hols tomorrow…..the good thing being that we are closer to next summer.

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