And so it ends

On top of Hellvellyn....a good couple of weeks

On top of Hellvellyn….a good couple of weeks

Did some work on finances this morning.  Without being too stingy, and including accommodation, we have managed to live off around £25 a day.  The maximum allocated is £40 so the trial this half term was a success.  Accommodation proved to be particularly cheap, with 6 nights wild camping (in England) and most nights just over £10.   We did pay £18 for a night on the Cumbrian coast, and I was expecting that short of cost (I guess £15 is the target cost), but with C’s new found sense of adventure we could do well.  Summer in the UK will be more problematic I guess unless we live in people’s gardens.  Diesel proved to be more than the budgeted £10 a day (£13) and with ferries and telephone to pay for it’s an area I need to work on.

But overall not a bad start.  I’ll run this again at Easter for 3 weeks (unless we go to the US to see Phil and Denise) and see how it goes.

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